The Challenge – Day 17

I don’t bleed
I write
I write my heart out
I don’t weep
I train
I train my body to fight

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The Scented Girl

Spring sadness
Heart drunk in spring sadness
I’ve left myself speechless
Chilly evening rain
Shaky iced vodka
Sweet dreams or nightmares
A picture without colour
A blossom too old
An ice cube that’s not cold
Million words behind her grim smile
Perhaps her confessions, perhaps her rejections
Rock, rock, rocking
Sway, sway, swaying
But her scent never fades
How can I ever escape

Translation of Jacky Cheung’s Li Xiang-lan

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The Puns

Discrete infinity
Zillion possibilities
Be surprised by how they pair
They all connect if you dare

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The Poet III

I spilled a few words
I dropped a couple of sentiments
They swim to each other
They stick, they connect, they hug
Bits to pieces
Fragments to works

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A Dream of the Red Chamber Poem

One is a charming beauty with a fairy’s face.

One is, without blemish, a piece of eye-catching jade.

If it is not fate,

Why did we meet?

If it is fate,

Why can’t we speak?

One sighs

In pain.

One worries

In vain.

One is a moon in water.

One is a flower in mirror.

Our eyes are in tears.

Can it last from autumn

Till winter?

Can it last from spring

Till summer?