The Climb

Clouds behind clouds behind clouds
Mountains after mountains after mountains
A start with no end
An impossible mission
But swollen eyes can’t get me to the other side
Neither can endless whines
I bite my teeth
Pull myself up and climb

Copyright © MW the Mermaid. All rights reserved

The Tangible Intangibility

I have a dream
That one day
I wake up at a desired time
Instead of rushing through morning routine and commute
I stretch, enjoy breakfast, and have a morning walk
I have a dream
That one day
I absorb sunbeams, breathe grass, and digest nature
I have a dream
That one day
I walk my walk, observe my inspirations, and influence with my quill
I have a dream
That one day
I take back
My life

Copyright © MW Concepts

The Esteem

Arms stretched
Neck lengthened
Attempting to reach a certain height
Endeavouring to be seen and heard
Curious movements of the ground
Followed by gasps and imbalance
Platform rising
Downward wind against head and shoulders
Heart lifted in joy
Position lifted to new height

Copyright © MW Concepts

The Avīci Niraja

Left leg forward.
Right leg forward.
Spine curved, shoulders lowered.
Eyes unable to look up; everything seen is the rocky slope.
Almost there.
Ah, smoother road.
One more step.
Massive sack thrown onto the ground; air made sandy.
Flat land.
Finally eyeing up.
Welcome to the bottom of another bouldery mountain.

The Irony

Working 9 to 6, 
She sits there, 
Type, type, type. 
She knows it’s not her. 
She’s a mover, a dancer – 
A rule-breaker. 
When she manages piles of paperwork, 
Flowers emerge from her mind. 
As she taps on the stiff keyboard, 
Muse enchants her. 
She may be sitting still, 
She is actually spreading her wings and flying. 
If her work life weren’t that monotonous.