7 thoughts on “Where have all the answers gone?

  1. why is adulting so hard. good question. for me as a teen in school they painted a rosy picture that everything would be wonderful. didn’t buy into that. so for me it was quite the opposite. one struggle after another. i wouldn’t of changed a thing because that is what helped me develop feel – hence life and books and music created my escape from a tough working world. i no longer work for a paycheck. do i miss it, not at all. so i guess right now after living in shelters for a spell, i can now say i’m a writer. sometimes one has to start all over again to enjoy some freedom. anyways your piece was a good read and brought out a response from me. i just lay things out there.

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  2. As we grow, the boundaries of our world begin to expand thereby opening up the realms of possibilities of answers to our questions.
    But at the core of the questions are basic, simple answers that lie somewhere within the question itself. Just like you said.
    Very thought provoking post. Very well done.

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