The Company

Let me be your umbrella
Cover you from melancholic rain
Let me be your shelter
Protect you from vicious storms
Let me be your secret harbour
Give you invisible but warm hugs whenever needed
Let me keep you company
Let me be there for you for life
When you run for your dreams
Though you are not mine
Let me follow
Let me see
Let me know

The Abandonment

I gave you up
For you did not belong to me
You belonged to your own world
Your bliss had got nothing to do with me whatsoever
Your everything was out there
Outside and away from me
You were my everything
But I gave you up
I abandoned my bleeding heart
So you could chase your dreams

The Three Wishes

If I were granted three wishes
I wish time freezes
So we stay this way forever
Right here
My arms around you
My beating heart on your abs
My ear on your central sound box
Listening to you singing romantic songs
If I were granted three wishes
I wish we stay this way till the end of time
Nothing more