The Greatness

She stumbles
Through mocking faces
Devilish murmurs
She keeps her head low
She keeps herself warm with her own arms
Deep inside
She knows
There must be something about herself
Something great
Everybody is special
Is special
There must be greatness in her
She focuses
She lifts her head and starts running
So fast
Rumours are blown away
She takes off
Her exceptional greatness hidden inside
Transformed her from the ugly duckling
To the great white swan

The Cliff

Here we are
Hanging from the edge of the cliff
You holding on to me
Me holding on to a thick branch
Wind blows
You sway
A rock slips from behind the branch
A gloomy thud follows after a couple of minutes
‘Let go of me,’ your voice resolute
‘Let go and take the chance.
For yourself, for me.’
I don’t know how long we have been hanging there
But I have made my decision some time ago
I see no fear in your eyes
I let go
Of the branch

The Irreconcilable Differences

Shattered vase
Broken pearl necklace
All over
Tears and blood
Whines and whimpers
Nothing can be done to put it back together
For you reject any of my vain efforts
To pull us back up on our feet
You interpret them as deteriorating acts
Nothing left I can do
Absolutely none

The Confession

That beautiful evening encounter
Where romantic glances were exchanged
Where you found out about my little wish
And later fulfilled it for me
That incredible evening
I trapped you
I did
Creating an opportunity
Making up my little wish
Giving us the convenience
Of falling helplessly and thoroughly
In inconceivably deep love
I confess
I set the honey trap
Which I had been contemplating
Ever since I locked my eyes on you

The Golden Gift

You chase
I run
You call
I ignore
Faster my legs move
Louder your calls shoot
I jump
I take off
I flap my wings
You are desperate now
Attempting to grab my legs
Before I soar
I turn back and sprinkle you my golden gift
Startled, you stop and grab the gift
The harder you grab
The faster it escapes

The Guardians

Fearless guardians
Guarding seedlings
Seedlings who run so fast
Running so fast to take off
Take off to a wonderland
A wonderland where the grass is greener
Green the seedlings may be
Maybe the wonderland is but their fantasy
Fantasising about a better world
This world’s runway is so safe
So safe with huge wings of the guardians