The Paradox

Pampered, warm and safe
In this greenhouse.
Peeping through the glass walls,
What a temperstuous world outside.
Unable to stretch or grow any further,
I envy those spreading wings in the sky.
They soar, they drop.
They slide with the wind, they struggle in precipitation.
To fly on my own accord,
Or to stay indulged.
To step out, or not to step out.

The Audience

Sole dancer on stage,
I presented every drop of my sweat to the audience.
Some looked, with a smirk.
Some scorned, and left.
Seated so comfortably,
Your appreciative eyes never left me.
The only one left,
Your attention grew.
Eyeing you, I danced.
For you and only you,
I danced on.
You stood up.
I gasped.
No, don’t go, please don’t go.
Eyes never leaving me,
Your steady steps brought proximity.
I wanted you to climb up to stage
And you did.
Your touch, arousing.
Your strong arm rounding my waist,
Instinct told me to trust and bend.
With no disappointment,
I fingertipped the floor with your solid grip.
You spinned me,
Lifted me,
Flew with me.
I seized your neck
And highlight our dance
With my kiss.

The Longest Winter

Summery passion ceased as summer passed.
Fire frozen in midair.
Promises descended into the underground.
Swallowed by blocks and cubes, hopes shattered.
Thought to be doomed.
The golden sun did not believe in insolubility.
Subsequent to the longest winter came the warmest spring.

The Blur

Not far away 
Guarding me 
Umbrella over my head 
Arms stretched out lest I fall 
I can’t tell if you are visible or invisible 
I can feel you but I can’t see you 
Maybe I can, but I don’t want to 
There, you exist, that I’m sure 
Protecting me 
With your shattered heart 

The Stubborn Stupidity

Golden sunflower facing the golden sun
Perfect picture
He glared, nevertheless
No it should not face the sun
This would burn its petals
He put a wooden board between the sunflower and the sun
Only to find hours later the flower turned and faced the sun again
Adjusting the board, he believed he was doing the right thing
Until hours later the flower turned again
Over and over, he moved the board
The sunflower would agree and stop facing the sun
One day
Some day

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